History of BBH

Our long expertise guarantees premier quality

Burt Boulton & Haywood (BBH) is the oldest timber preservation company in the world. It was established in 1848 to supply railway sleepers for British mining industry. The founders of the company, railway engineers H.P. Burt and S.B. Boulton, started research into methods of timber preservation. Their ability to supply pressure creosoted timbers in commercial quantities laid the foundation for a successful international business.

A hundred years later, in the deep forests of eastern Finland, Iivari Mononen started his timber business. Pine trees grow slowly in the northern climate making the wood especially strong, and suitable for electricity poles. Iivari Mononen knew this and launched the export of sturdy electricity and light poles to the UK.

Today, Burt Boulton & Haywood Ltd belongs to Iivari Mononen Group. It works alongside with Scanpole BBH Ltd in Newport, Wales. Fence posts as well as telecom and electricity poles are treated on our impregnation plant, and our customers include: British Telecom, OpenReach, UK Power Networks, Scottish Power Energy Networks, Scottish & Sothern Electricity, Western Power Distribution, Northern Power Grid and Energy North West.